How To Run a Wrestling Tournament and Make Money

How To Run a Wrestling Tournament and Make Money

Get a lot of volunteers
Have you heard that it takes a village to raise a child? It’s the same for a fight tournament. You need many volunteers that you can get. There are so many jobs that need to be made to organize a wrestling tournament. Here are some typical jobs.

People at the door to get money
Start Room
Table workers
Set and remove carpets
Help with the media
People donate food from companies
As you can see, there is so much to do! If you run the club, you would force all parents to help. If they do not want help, ask them to pay a refund fee. I would say that the cost should be around $ 50. In this way, contribute at least financially the club.

Use your website to create means of struggle
Creating wrestling hooks can be one of the longest parts of running a wrestling tournament. It can easily take two or three days to complete the brackets. This is one of the most difficult tasks a tournament director will take.

If you have one of my wrestling websites, you can use your website to create a blind hook or tournament in separate brackets. You can create a free webpage and try it for 30 days.

Do not change massively after weighing
It will inevitably be changes that must be made after weighing. You will encounter situations where you do not have shows or a child can not do the weight; A coach forgot to enter a child, etc.

If you run a small tournament (less than 1000), you need to make some minor changes. If you run a larger tournament or a wireless tournament, you need to set a time when you change the media.

When you begin to change, you must resist the temptation to completely redo the supports out of nothing. There are ways to make changes without support dramatically influence your schedule.

Start the time fighting tournament
I can not tell you how many times I’ve participated in a wrestling tournament and it’s a few hours late. Starting a final wrestling tournament is the fastest way to make parents crazy and I guarantee you will lose tickets next year because you have not started on time. Once you have finished weighing, your number one priority is to start on time!

Make sure you have plenty of food
Here is an area where many clubs / schools make gestures. Your concessions are an important source of income and if you do not have enough food, you will lose money! It is better to have too much food that is not enough. Here are some ideas that I would suggest. It has a captive audience that is definitely hungry. Take advantage of this opportunity and increase your profits.

Take breakfast ready then weigh – many children to reduce weight to achieve the desired weight category. After a child weighs, the first thing a child (and parents) wants to do is eat something. If you have good breakfast options, you will almost certainly enjoy breakfast. If you do not have breakfast food, you will find the fast food location like McDonalds closer.

Have a game plan for lunch – parents and children will be hungry throughout the day. Be sure to have something to eat, such as pizzas, BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. … If so, you can prepare yourself, then that’s even better. This way you can keep the right amount of stored food.

Do not Miss or Candy Pop – Nothing is more irritating to a parent struggle than trying to buy a pop or a candy bar and they are exhausted. These items are cheap and have a high profit margin. If you see that you have a low level, be prepared to go to the store if you want.

Food Ideas
Looking for ideas to maximize your grant benefits? Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Have breakfast in the pancake. The wrestlers will be ready to eat right after weighing. The crepes are easy to cook and cost.
Hot dogs, burgers and grill sandwiches are always great sellers. They are easy to get. They may be what you need them.
Do not miss out on caramels, chips or pop. They are cheap enough for you to store.

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